Dr Helen Johnston


Dr Helen Johnston obtained her PhD at the CaliforniaInstitute of Technology. Subsequently she obtained postdoctoralappointments in The Netherlands, at the Anglo-Australian Observatory and at the University of Sydney.Her research interests are the study of neutron stars andblack holes in binary star systems, and thesupermassive black holes at the centres of radio galaxies.


Lecture 17: The Private Life of a Protonby Dr Helen Johnston

Very few things are forever. Molecules re-arrange and remake themselves constantly, in countless chemical reactions; and even atoms can be made and destroyed in the interiors of stars, forging entirely new chemical elements. Only protons are truly unchanging: every proton in every atom in the universe has been there since the very beginning. But over the life of the universe, those protons may have been through many different guises. If one of those protons could tell its story, what a story that would be ...

Well, here is that story.