Professor Geraint Lewis


Professor Geraint Lewis was born in Old SouthWales, and studied Physics at London University andCambridge. Since completing his PhD he has workedin the State University of New York, Victoria Universityin Canada, and the University of Washington in Seattle.He then became a Research Astronomer at the Anglo-Australian Observatory before joining The University ofSydney in 2002 to continue his studies of cosmology.


Lecture 9: Cosmic Evolution: The Birth, Life & Death of Galaxiesby Professor Geraint Lewis

At first it was thought that the Universe was a simple place, and that the Sun was but one of an infinite number of stars that filled an infinite heavens. As astronomers were unravelling the structure of our own Galaxy, their observations revealed it was not alone in the cosmos, but is just one of billions within the observable Universe.

Even with the birth of the first stars, the Universe is still a relatively simple place, with pockets of stars scattered through space, so how are astronomers to understand the complex flows of matter that would lead to the formation of a galaxy like the Milky Way?