Chief Justice Robert French


Robert French was appointed Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia on 1 September 2008. At the time of his appointment he was a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia, having been appointed to that office in November 1986. He is a graduate of the University of Western Australia in science and law. He was admitted in 1972 and practised as a barrister and solicitor in Western Australia until 1983 when he went to the Independent Bar. From 1994 to 1998 he was President of the National Native Title Tribunal. At the time of his appointment he was an additional member of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and a member of the Supreme Court of Fiji. He was also a Deputy President of the Australian Competition Tribunal and a part time member of the Australian Law Reform Commission. From 2001 to January 2005 he was President of the Australian Association of Constitutional Law.

The Chief Justice attended the ISS in 1964 as one of the two secondary school students from Western Australia.


Lecture 1: From Light and Life to Genes and Galaxies - 45 Years Onby Chief Justice Robert French

"Forty five years ago, in 1964, I was one of two secondary school students from Western Australia who attended the precursor to this International Science School, namely the Nuclear Research Foundation Summer Science School at the University of Sydney. One of us from Western Australia went on to become a distinguished scientist. That was the other one."

"Accepting the proposition that the moon is made of cheese requires acceptance of the existence of a cosmic cow. That would be a singularity and we do not get singularities in a rational universe."

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