Day Eight


The ISS is already halfway through! After an exciting weekend of dance and partying, it was time to settle down into the second half of ISS lectures.

After morning activities, excited scholars made their way to the sci-tech library for the official opening of the Apollo exhibition. To open the exhibition the scholars made water rockets and tried to launch them simultaneously. With varying success, all of the rockets flew, with particular congratulations to both blue and orange teams for the most successful rockets, which were relaunched several times before lunch.

After lunch the scholars listened to a lecture by Geraint Lewis about the evolution of the universe. He discussed the theoretically cannibalistic beginning of our galaxy and the possible future of our galaxy with respect to both the local and entire universe.

After afternoon activities, some of the scholars came back for a quick dinner before rushing out for the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Sleek Geeks audience. Dr Karl and Adam Spencer presented the "great dabate"; whether people landed on the moon or not, which provided great entertainment.


Lecture 9: Cosmic Evolution: The Birth, Life & Death of Galaxiesby Professor Geraint Lewis

At first it was thought that the Universe was a simple place, and that the Sun was but one of an infinite number of stars that filled an infinite heavens. As astronomers were unravelling the structure of our own Galaxy, their observations revealed it was not alone in the cosmos, but is just one of billions within the observable Universe.

Even with the birth of the first stars, the Universe is still a relatively simple place, with pockets of stars scattered through space, so how are astronomers to understand the complex flows of matter that would lead to the formation of a galaxy like the Milky Way?

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