Day Six and Seven - The Weekend


After an extremely busy week, the scholars were finally allowed to sleep in. That is, those scholars who did not participate in the city tour, who unfortunately had to meet at seven to allow sufficient time to visit attractions around Sydney. Those who went to the zoo were finally able to see the Kangaroos which they once believed roamed the streets of Sydney city. The rest of the scholars were allowed to relax and unwind, maybe even fitting in some homework.

Saturday night ended in another ISS tradition, the harbour cruise. Scholars were treated to some of the best views of Sydney harbour while enjoying great food and another night of singing and dancing. Many scholars regrettably realised that there was only a week of ISS to go, with the first week flying by.

Sunday night was a chance to watch the new Harry Potter, and for many it was their first experience of the giant iMax screen. With the end of the movie came the end of the weekend, and scholars prepared for another week as busy as the last.

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