Day Five


Following the morning activities, Michael Morange stimulated scholars with two lectures. The first discussed the frontiers of current biological research, much to the delight of the budding biologists, while the second dealt with the controversial issue of Darwinian evolution. Once Morange was finally able to quell the flux of questions, the scholars, now satisfied, left for their evening activity and then to prepare for the ISS Bushdance

One of the few truly compulsory parts of the ISS experience, the Bushdance had the scholars in flannel shirts, dancing and singing to classics such as ‘Waltzing Matilida’ and ‘Strip the Willow’. It was a night loved by all, and allowed our international scholars to have a hands on sample of traditional Australian culture.


Lecture 7: The frontiers of current biological researchby Professor Michel Morange

"In this lecture, I will try to define the currentfrontiers of knowledge in biology. But the frontiers of knowledge can also be seen as the limits of knowledge, as the obstacles that have to be overcome, as the gaps that have to be filled. If you ask biologists, they will give you a list of unanswered questions, a series of current descriptions that are considered insufficient.The limits of knowledge also dramatically emerge when biological knowledge is used for practical issues, as in fighting diseases."

Lecture 8: Why is it important to read On the Origin of Species in 2009?by Professor Michel Morange

Not only is evolutionary biology an important subdiscipline of biology, but evolutionary questioning is progressively being introduced into the different parts of functional biology. What was the origin of these complex molecular devices? Can we reconstitute the processes by which they were progressively elaborated during evolution?

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