Day Four - The Science and Engineering Challenge


Today the scholars took a break from lectures and participated in the Science and Engineering Challenge run by the University of Newcastle. The 6 colour groups were divided up so members from each team participated in one or two of the eight activities.

Some scholars participated in 2 half day activities; Electra city, Leprechaun cannon, Heli-rescue and Confounding communications. The scholars that participated in a whole day activity built hover-craft (Hover-frenzy), houses (Eco-habitech), rovers (Mission to Mars) and the all important bridge (Gold Fever).

The bridges were tested at the end of the day with everyone present to cheer as bridges held under the weight of the trolley, and see the spectacular crashes of others that couldn’t quite make it.

A special mention here to the bridge built by the staffies. An amazingly constructed bridge, in the heaviest weight group and built in less than half the time that the scholars had. It held under all the weights and only cracked when a second trolley was added.

The overall champions of the day were the blue group, much to the delight of their staffie Julia.

Afternoon activities were followed by some late night shopping to prepare for the barn dance. The British consulate visit was attended by the 5 british scholars, their escort Bryan, staffies Gabriel, Sukey and Matthew allong with the 2 Canadian scholars, their escorts Jacqui and Ross, the 5 New Zealand scholars and 12 Australian the scholars

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