Day Zero - The Arrival


‘ISS sleeps to go!’ murmurs erupted from the 140 scholars from around the world as the words of Adam Selinger resonated throughout the hall.

The ISS was finally here!

Throughout the day, the last of the scholars had arrived at the Women’s College, uncertain yet excited about what was to come. After a chance to explore their rooms, the scholars proceeded to the courtyard where they mingled with others from around the world; including Japan, America, New Zealand, India, China, the United Kingdom, Australia and for the first time Canada; all brought together by their common talent and interest in science. Throughout the two weeks, they will participate in lectures, activities, socials and parties together, forming friendships and bonds that will last long after the ISS has finished.

Following the orientation session and dinner, scholars were introduced to the other members of their colour groups consisting of over twenty others, from countries around the world.

After a short series of games, they participated in their first activity together: The famous (or rather infamous) YSA science relay quiz. Some of the most brilliant scientific youths put their collective knowledge to the test. As always, knowledge was not the only component, bribery in the form of lollies, songs, and poems provided ample entertainment and bonus points.

It was a shame when bedtime finally came, but the scholars needed their rest. The ISS was only just beginning...

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