What are podcasts?

Podcasts are groups media bound together with one file, which then links to the relevant files individually. If you have a podcast capable audio or video media player (such as iTunes), you can subscribe to these feeds and have your client automatically download the files for you.

Which podcast should I subscribe to?

We offer only audio podcasts for the International Science School lectures. They are available in two different formats (MP3 and OGG - see below for more information). Depending upon how your computer is configured, you should be able to simply click on the relevant link below, and open it with your podcast-capable media player. If not, simply copy the feed location into your software.
  • MP3

    Feed location: http://www.scienceschool.usyd.edu.au/podcast-mp3.xml
    The mp3 podcast is designed for general users, and should be able to be used on most computing platforms.
  • OGG Vorbis

    Feed location: http://www.scienceschool.usyd.edu.au/podcast-ogg.xml
    OGG Vorbis is an Open Source audio codec. This podcast is for those who prefer there media to be in a format that is not vendor-specific or proprietary. OGG Vorbis is the preferred audio format in such operating systems as Linux, but can also be used (with additional plugins) on Macintosh and Windows machines.
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